Introduction and objectives

NRC Group has made a strong commitment to ensure trust in the company and to enhance shareholder value through effective decision-making and improved communication between the management, the Board of Directors and the shareholders. The company's framework for corporate governance is intended to decrease business risk, maximise value and utilise the company’s recourses in an efficient, sustainable manner, to the benefit of shareholders, employees and society at large.

NRC Group adheres to the Norwegian Code of Practice for Corporate Governance, last revised on 17 Ocober 2018. The company’s principles and practices of corporate governance is subject to annual evaluations and discussions by the Board and disclosed as a report in the annual report. 

Articles of association

Last amendments was approved September 2019

Board of directors

Rolf Jansson

Rolf Jansson (1969)

Chairman of the Board

Mats Williamson

Mats Williamson (1958)

Board member

Eva Nygren

Eva Nygren (1955)

Board member

Tove Elisabeth Pettersen

Tove Elisabeth Pettersen (1970)

Board member

Heikki Allonen

Heikki Allonen (1954)

Board member

Outi Henriksson

Outi Henriksson (1969)

Board member

Karin Bing Orgland

Karin Bing Orgland (1959)

Board member

Executive management

Henning Olsen

Henning Olsen (1978)


Ole Anton Gulsvik

Ole Anton Gulsvik (1971)


Harri Lukkarinen

Harri Lukkarinen (1970)

EVP & MD NRC Group Finland

Robert Röder

Robert Röder (0)

EVP & MD NRC Group Sweden

Lene Engebretsen

Lene Engebretsen (1976)

EVP & Head of Communications

Arild Ingar Moe

Arild Ingar Moe (1965)

EVP & MD NRC Group Norway

Jussi Mattsson

Jussi Mattsson (1987)

EVP & Head of Strategy and Business Development

Marianne Ulland-Kellmer

Marianne Ulland-Kellmer (1972)

EVP & Head of HR

Remuneration to senior executives

Please find here the Guidelines for remuneration to senior executives

  • Guidelines to remuneration of senior executives


  • Nomination committee
    Nomination committee
  • Audit committee
    Audit committee
  • Compensation committee
    Compensation committee
  • Project committee
    Project committee

Investor relations policy

Investor relations activities at NRC Group aim to ensure that the information provided to the financial markets gives market participants the best possible fundament for a correct valuation of the company. 

NRC Group is committed to communicate in an open, precise and transparent manner about the company’s performance and market position, in order to give the financial market a precise picture of the company's financial condition and other factors that may affect value creation.

This will help ensure that:

  • The market price of NRC Group’s shares reflects the real value of the company
  • NRC Groups shares remain as liquid as possible
  • The development of NRC Groups’ shares is as little volatile as possible
  • NRC Group maintains access to the capital markets and reduce the cost of capital

NRC Group complies with the Oslo Børs Code of Practice (“the Code”) for reporting IR information, apart from point 3.4 External capital as the company do not disclose its financial strategy and information on bank debt on its websites. Information on the company’s bank financing is disclosed in the notes of the annual report. NRC Group further complies with relevant stock exchange regulations and with the Norwegian Public Limited Liability Companies Act.

The company’s objective is to serve the financial market precise and relevant information about the company to ensure that the share price reflects the underlying values and future prospects.

The company discloses price sensitive information relating to significant contracts and investments or other material changes or events in NRC Group to investors and other market players through the Oslo Stock Exchange,, and the company’s website, In addition, the company intends to publicly disclose all tenders awarded with value exceeding NOK 30 million. All tenders awarded are normally subject to a 10-days appeal period before the award is definitive. The company’s policy is to not inform the market of expiry of any such appeal period unless an actual appeal has been filed and the company is informed by the customer that the appeal is being considered and that this may lead to a delay or cancellation of the contract. Information about other tenders awarded will be updated quarterly as part of the company’s order backlog.

CSR policy

Please find here the company’s policy on business ethics

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